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Anushka Shetty is an emerging actress from South India who has already left her own mark in the Tamil and Kannada films. She was born in Mumbai and is a member of the famous bellipady family in Mangalore. She has two brothers, Dr. Sai Ramesh, a dentist and Gunaranjan, a businessman. Although he speaks Tamil, English and Kannada, his mother tongue is Tulu. Although he was born in Mumbai, he moved to Bangalore before starting to study and it was in Bangalore where he completed his studies and graduation.

I was a brilliant student at school and also one of the prettiest. After school, he joined BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) and after graduating from a university in Bangalore, he spent time. It was then that he became engaged in yoga and joined to practice yoga and later became a yoga instructor.

He made his debut in the movie Tamil and Kannada in the same year as in 2005. His first film was “Super” with Nagarjuna. This movie was directed by Puri Jagannadh, who was very impressed with her personality and contacted her through another director. His performance in the Telugu movie ‘Vikramarkudu’ won high praise from critics across the country. In 2006 he played against R. Madhavan in a Tamil movie called ‘Rendu’ and the film worked quite well at the box office.

Image Source:- Instagram

He also had films like “Asthram”, “Lakshyam” this year. She was recently abandoned from a Balakrishna movie due to some unknown reasons. And he is currently filming his new movie called “Don” in Telugu.

Although he has played against several leading actors in not-so-poorly interpreted films, he is still waiting for that successful film to reach his career. He never had a film that could be called a great success, something that can be remodelled and give a clear direction to the career of any budding heroine.

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